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Dango, originates from Japan. It is simply a dumpling made with rice flour beautifully displayed on a wooden skewer and is similar to Japanese rice cake, mochi. It is often served with green tea and comes in various forms traditionally eaten based on the season. If you love, love, love rice and you love dumplings, what better combination can you have.


1 cup short grain, non-sticky rice flour (Bob’s Red Mill)
⅓ heaping cup sticky or glutinous rice flour (Mochiko Sweet Rice Flour)
¼ cup + 1 Tbsp sugar
½ cup Hot cup water + 1-2 Tbsp if not the right texture (medium firm & gelatinous)

1 tsp Matcha Tea powder + 1 tsp water (for green coloring)
1/2 tsp Beet or cherry juice for coloring
OR 2-3 drops red food coloring

Kitchen Tools You Need

Wooden Skewers
Large pot
Spider strainer or skimmer



1. Combine dry ingredients.
2. Add hot water, one-fourth of a cup at a time.
3. Combine ingredients well, until medium firm to firm dough forms.
4. Let mixture sit for five to ten minutes. This step is optional.
5. Divide dough into three equal parts.
6. Roll one of the three parts into ping pong sized balls and boil in preheated pot of water until the gelatinous ball starts to float to the top. Repeat this two more times.
7. Prepare a bowl of water with some ice and using a strainer.
8. Scoop out floating rice balls and place in ice bath.
9. Set aside.
10. Once all rice balls are made serve as dango, or take it a step further and put them on skewers, alternating colors or in whatever sequences you choose, for a kushi dango (a.ka. skewered dango or skewered dumplings)
11. Serve as is or and enjoy.

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